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We did it!

November 5, 2010

Thank you for your support! I look forward to working with you to restore Pride and Purpose to Richmond!

Courtland “Corky” Boozé

In the race for three open council seats, veteran candidate Corky Booze emerged as the top vote-getter.

“I always wanted to do something for my community and this gives me the opportunity,” said Corky Booze. “Now we can get things done, we can change this city, and we can change it in a positive way.”


Dear Friends:

For the past 28 years I have had the honor and privilege of representing you and being your voice in the city of Richmond. I have represented you on the East Bay Regional Parks Committee, the Mayor’s Beautification Committee, the Anti-Drug Task Force, and The Friends of the Richmond Library. Currently, I am Vice Chair of the Recreation and Parks Commission.

To better serve you, I would like to improve the quality of living for you and the residents of Richmond. I am running for election to the Richmond City Council in 2010. Many residents of Richmond have contacted me and asked me to speak to community leaders, City departments, and City Councilpersons regarding their complaints and concerns. I have become the “voice”, the “hands”, and the “feet” for those who couldn’t travel and speak for themselves. I thank you for your diligence in calling on me to assist you.

Together we’ve made achievements such as:

  • Constantly speaking up regarding jobs for Richmond residents
  • Publicly speaking against tax increases that would hurt residents and businesses
  • Organized crime prevention groups
  • Success in re-opening Community Centers
  • Organized fundraising campaigns for youth sports and track teams
  • Frequently ride along with the Richmond Police Department
  • Protecting the right of the seniors and the disabled
  • Spoke against liquor stores that are problems
  • Spoke against toxins that pollute our community and shorelines
  • Established a “Task Force” and re-organized the Parchester Village Community.

I will be honored to have your support by receiving your endorsement.


Courtland “Corky” Boozé

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Corky Booze

Corky Booze

Friends of Corky Boozé - #931167, PO Box 184, Station A, Richmond, CA 94808 - Phone: 510-860-3842 or 510-501-0480 - Email Corky