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About Corky Boozé

Educationally, I obtained two lifetime teaching certifications from the University of California Extension at Berkeley in adult education and grades K-12. I also completed two years of Administrative studies in education at San Francisco State University.

My professional experience was with the Oakland Unified School District and the Alameda Unified School District as a vocational education instructor for eleven years.

I moved to Richmond in 1978. I've been an advocate for the citizens of Richmond.

Now it's time for me to work as your City Council representative. I will work for you and bring unique approaches to issues and concerns such as education, health services, crime prevention, funding solutions and development within our city.

The last 10 years, I've attended every meeting. The citizens have been under-represented and have not had a voice at City Council meetings. I will continue to be the community voice for the citizens of Richmond who are unable to speak out for themselves. I will be the arms for those who can't reach out for the help they need, and I'll be the feet for those who can't travel to City Council meetings, especially our senior citizens and the disabled.

My top priorities if elected are:

  • Crime
  • Infrastructure
  • Attracting new businesses (which will create more jobs)

It's time for change. The violence that continues in Richmond prompted me to get involved and help organize the Tent City Peace Movement. I am their advisor and helped create a partnership within City government and other non-profits for the purpose of building better community relationships between citizens, City Hall, City Council and the Police Department.

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Corky Booze

Corky Booze

Corky Booze

Friends of Corky Boozé - #931167, PO Box 184, Station A, Richmond, CA 94808 - Phone: 510-860-3842 or 510-501-0480 - Email Corky